LFA pt2 – Meanwhile In The Old Days

Uh oh, Julius Caesar walks in at the wrong moment!


“Dude, chill. You’re married, you can’t really complain if I fancy a little fun while you’re off waving your alliterative quotes at people.”

“Impertinent wench! Guards, seize her!”

“I really wouldn’t advise that…”

“What’s she on about?”
“Silly trout.”

“Oh my…”
“What’s that Julie? Cat (which is totally sacred in Egypt, BTW) got your tongue?”


“He is a powerful ancestor. Fine, I won’t get a bee in my bonnet about the occasional gladiator.”
“He? Oh but Julius, that’s no ‘he’. That’s Hatshepsut, a pharaoh so powerful that when her nasty successors tried to delete her from the historical record they found there were so many records of her that they couldn’t get them all, and those carving and statues they did despoil left gaps that everyone still associated with her. She had so many great buildings built that later pharaohs tried to steal credit for them. She was also a master of PR. Not bad for a c15th BC lady, huh?”
“Yes yes, very nice dear, now I have to go and sort out some Gauls.”


End Credits

Cleopatra – Cleopatra VII Philopator
Julius Caesar – Gaius Julius Caesar
Hatshepsut – Hatshepsut, foremost of the noble ladies
Guard #1 – Clive
Guard #2 – Adrian


“Don’t feel unappreciated, Cleopatra, I have need of a strong, resourceful, politically minded woman like you for this team I’m putting together. Just do me a favour and don’t leave snakes lying around everywhere, yeah?”


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