Badass Wimmin Of History issue 02

With the promise of warm spring afternoons now wafting over us, what better than getting something interesting, fun and (whisper it quietly) educational to read while sitting on picnic blankets, or standing five metres away from your picnic blanket waiting for that wasp to go somewhere else and leave your spot alone?

Dear readers, Badass Wimmin Of History issue 02 is here for you! BWoH is the comic/zine/journal which aims to bring you, the discerning reader, bitesize stories of interesting, incredible and occasionally unbelievable women from history. It can also be used to swat wasps!*


Issue 02 contains:

Grainne O’Malley – pirate queen of the Irish west coast.

Mary Seacole – nursing the hard way in Victorian Crimea.

Nancy Wake – the most wanted woman in Nazi France.

Mary Anning – dinosaur hunter.

Issue 02 of Badass Wimmin Of History can be ordered by sending your details including the size of your order to

One issue will be £1.50.

Five issues will be £6.50.

Ten issues will be £12.00.

All prices include postage and packing to UK addresses. For international posting please email to enquire.

Issue 01 can still be ordered at £1 per issue.


*Hollyzone takes no responsibility for any stings sustained while repelling wasps using our products.

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