Badass Wimmin of History issue 03 out now

Look what’s here!

Yey, great news, Badass Wimmin Of History issue 03 is now ready to rock, having overcome some printing problems (probably the patriarchy’s fault).

So who’s between the hallowed pages this issue?

Rosa Parks – icon of the struggle for civil rights in America, but it wasn’t just her showing that African-American women were ready to stand up to racist whites.
Juana Azurduy – from teenage rebel to actual South American liberation movement rebel.
Lady Hester Stanhope – your new favourite posho, rampaging around the Mediterranean and Middle East with extreme sassiness.
Alice Guy – one of cinema’s greatest visionaries and founders.
Frances Stuart – almost everyone in Britain will have seen her in the last week without even realising, but who is she?


Issue 03 of Badass Wimmin Of History can be ordered by sending your details including the size of your order to


One issue will be £1.50.
Five issues will be £6.50.
Ten issues will be £12.00.
All prices include postage and packing to UK addresses. For international posting please email to enquire.


Issue 01 can still be ordered at £1 per issue, and issue 02 at £1.50 per issue. Why not splash out a mere £4 and get all three for some great summer reading?


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