Badass Wimmin Of History – issue 04

Badass Wimmin of History issue 04.


On sale 4th March 2015.


Ada Lovelace – first lady of computer science, a hot-headed mix of poetry, numbers, gambling and raucousness.
Ching Shih – the pirate queen of south China, and her brilliant political savvy.
Mary Somerville – Ada Lovelace’s textbook writing teacher and general populariser of science.
Flora Sandes – the only British woman to serve as a soldier in WWI, but for which country?

And a personal favourite:

Christina of Sweden – the theatre loving, gender-role flaunting, sass-mouthed lover of extravagance and annoyer of the old guard.

It’s a jam-packed issue.

Issue 04 of Badass Wimmin Of History can be ordered by sending your details including the size of your order to

One issue will be £1.50.
Five issues will be £6.50.
Ten issues will be £12.00.
All prices include postage and packing to UK addresses. For international posting please email to enquire.

Issue 01 can still be ordered at £1 per issue, and issues 02 and 03 at £1.50 per issue. Why not splash out a mere £5.50 and get all four so you have something to read under your pile of winter blankets?

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