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Badass Wimmin Of History issue 01

History! Comics! Women! What a combination!

Introducing Badass Wimmin Of History!

Much recent scribbling, reading, researching and drawing of small circles has finally come to fruition, as today we unveil Badass Wimmin Of History, issue 01. BWoH is a comic/zine/journal which aims to bring you, the discerning reader, bitesize stories of interesting, incredible and occasionally unbelievable (but all true) women from history.

Issue 01 contains:

Harriet Tubman – taking on the slave traders of the southern United States.
Hedy Lamarr – Hollywood glamour meets scientific brilliance.
Sylvia Rivera – fighting on the front line of LGBT rights.
Caterina Sforza – going toe-to-toe with the Medieval world’s most dangerous family.

A copy of Badass Wimmin Of History can be yours for just 99p, and as a special introductory offer there’s no p&p for issue 01. If you would like to order a copy (or twenty), please email with your order and address.



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Doodles History

Constance Markievicz – An International Women’s Day Doodle


My International Women’s Day doodle given colour and pizzazz by Mark the Studio Squid. Check out his stuff here. His Fairytale poster is sumptuous.