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Badass Wimmin Of History issue 02

With the promise of warm spring afternoons now wafting over us, what better than getting something interesting, fun and (whisper it quietly) educational to read while sitting on picnic blankets, or standing five metres away from your picnic blanket waiting for that wasp to go somewhere else and leave your spot alone?

Dear readers, Badass Wimmin Of History issue 02 is here for you! BWoH is the comic/zine/journal which aims to bring you, the discerning reader, bitesize stories of interesting, incredible and occasionally unbelievable women from history. It can also be used to swat wasps!*


Issue 02 contains:

Grainne O’Malley – pirate queen of the Irish west coast.

Mary Seacole – nursing the hard way in Victorian Crimea.

Nancy Wake – the most wanted woman in Nazi France.

Mary Anning – dinosaur hunter.

Issue 02 of Badass Wimmin Of History can be ordered by sending your details including the size of your order to

One issue will be £1.50.

Five issues will be £6.50.

Ten issues will be £12.00.

All prices include postage and packing to UK addresses. For international posting please email to enquire.

Issue 01 can still be ordered at £1 per issue.


*Hollyzone takes no responsibility for any stings sustained while repelling wasps using our products.


Books For Borrowing

Ok, I have a lot of books and I don’t currently have a vast amount of storage space for said books. To solve this in the most constructive way possible, I want to send these books out to people who want to read them. All I ask is you cover the p&p of sending them to you (unless you live in Manchester in which case I’ll just give them to you in person). Once you’ve read them and I have the space to look after them again I will happily pay the p&p to send them home. It’s not that I don’t want these books anymore, I just want them read otherwise they’ll just languish, lonely, in a box.

It’s mostly history football, and non-fiction books, although I’ve put some graphic novels on there too.

Reply to me via Facebook or Twitter so we can sort out sending things. Any p&p sending can be done via Paypal.

The Books


The Laughter Of Triumph: William Hone And The Fight For The Free Press – Ben Wilson
Deceny And Disorder: The Age Of Cant 1789-1837 – Ben Wilson
Mao: The Unknown Story – Jung Chang
A History Of The Arab Peoples – Albert Hourani reserved
City Of Laughter: Sex And Satire In Eighteenth Century London – V.A.C. Gatrell
In Sickness And In Power: Illness In Heads Of Government During The Last 100 Years – David L. Owen
The Time-Traveller’s Guide To Medieval England – Ian Mortimer
China: A History – John Keay
Modern Ireland 1600-1972 – R.F. Foster
The Long Eighteenth Century – Frank O’Gorman
Ireland 1798-1998 – Alvin Jackson
Empire – Niall Ferguson (hahaha)
Byzantium – Judith Herrin
Rebel Queen: How The Trial Of Caroline Brought England To The Brink Of Revolution – Jane Robins
The Age Of Revolution 1789-1848 – Eric Howbsbawm reserved
The Age Of Capital 1848-1875 – Eric Hobsbawm  reserved
The Age Of Empire 1875-1914 – Eric Hobsbawm reserved
An Utterly Impartial History Of Britain, Or 2000 Years Of Upper Class Idiots In Charge – John O’Farrell
The Tribes Of Britain – David Miles

Football and other sports

Why England Lose – Simon Kuper reserved
Behind The Curtain: Travels In Eastern European Football – Jonathan Wilson reserved
Morbo: The Story Of Spanish Football – Philip Ball reserved
The Manager: The Absurd Ascent Of The Most Important Man In Football – Barney Ronay reserved
Tor! The Story Of German Football – Ulrich Hesse-Lichtenberger
Football Against The Enemy – Simon Kuper
Football Dynamo – Marc Bennetts
Bad Blood: The Secret Life Of The Tour De France – Jeremy Whittle
How To Score – Ken Bray

Other Non-Fiction

33 Revolutions Per Minute: A History Of Protest Songs, From Billie Holiday To Green Day – Dorian Lynskey reserved
Flat Earth News: An Award-Winning Reporter Exposes Falsehood, Distortion And Propaganda In The Global Media – Nick Davies reserved
How To Be A Woman – Caitlin Moran
Peoplequake: Mass Migration, Aging Nations And The Coming Population Crash – Fred Pearce
The Zombie Survival Guide – Max Brooks
Outliers: The Story Of Success – Malcolm Gladwell reserved
No Logo – Naomi Klein reserved
Bossypants – Tina Fey
Freakanomics – Steven D. Levitt reserved
Superfreakonomics – Steven D. Levitt reserved
A Beginner’s Guide To Acting English – Shappi Khorsandi reserved
Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History Of Recorded Music – Greg Milner
Just My Type – Simon Garfield
Different For Girls – Louise Wener
Celebrity: How Entertainers Took Over The World And Why We Need An Exit Strategy – Marina Hyde
Screen Burn – Charlie Brooker
Dawn Of The Dumb – Charlie Brooker

The Graphic Novels

Blankets – Craig Thompson reserved
Pride Of Baghdad – Brian K. Vaughan
Logicomix: An Epic Search For The Truth – Apostolos Doxiadis
We3 – Grant Morrison reserved
Superman: Red Son – Mark Millar
Scott Pilgrim v1-6 – Bryan Lee O’Malley reserved
Burma Chronicles – Guy Delisle
The Crow – J. O’Barr reserved
Boondocks: A Right To Be Hostile – Aaron McGruder
Judge Dredd vol5
Nemesis The Warlock vol1


Unintentional Football Art

Trying to watch France vs Spain streamed on the Guardian website, it worked for the most part but sometimes it buffered and created Unintentional Football Art.



How To Draw An Owl

I wish I knew where this came from because it is brilliant and I’d love to credit whoever drew it. Always credit where possible, kids.